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Peony bouquets

Peonies are one of the most elegant ways to pay a compliment to a woman. These truly magnificent flowers captivate in any arrangement, from a spectacular monoboquet to mixed compositions. A peony bouquet is equally appropriate as a romantic gift, a friend present, or an expression of family love and affection. Our shop offers exclusive compositions in which these flowers of different shades take a central place. Select one of our tender bouquets and surprise your nearest people. Our florists are waiting for your order to create a new floral wonder.

A peony flower bouquet: express with flowers inexpressible with words!

Peonies are flowers with many meanings. Their homeland is China, where they exhaled fragrance in imperial gardens as early as 200 B.C. From Chinese, these flowers’ name is translated as “a flower of good fortune and grandeur.” According to Feng Shui, peony symbolizes sincerity, purity, and integrity.

Peony bouquets make the usual day festive and harmonically add congratulations on Mother’s Day, birthdays, graduations, family events, and professional holidays. A peony bouquet of fresh flowers is considered a beautiful declaration of love. That’s why they equally gladden women on their first dates and 50th anniversary of marriage. These flowers help to express tenderness, care, and admiration, which are difficult to convey with words. Peonies beatify a marriage proposal. If you want to say something important to your nearest people and can’t pick words, just present peonies. These flowers will say it all instead of you.

A peony wedding bouquet

Peonies majestically look into the bride’s hands. They are appropriate for weddings in both vintage and modern styles. This flower embodies careless matrimonial life and mutual love for many years. A magnificent peony flower wedding bouquet symbolizes the future happiness of the newly married couple and decorates the fiancée’s look and wedding photos. Peonies of the light spectrum accentuate the modesty of the bride; saturated flowers add contrast to the dress. One of the variants of arrangement is a peony and tiny rose bouquet. Anyway, the wedding bouquet of peonies is beautiful and has no negative interpretations.

Types of peony arrangements

Our florists create diverse peony arrangements that, for sure, gladden their recipients.

  1. Splendid monobuquets of pink peonies. They smell of June, country evenings, and first dates. These compositions don’t leave anyone indifferent.
  2. Peony and rose bouquets. Such a combination is equally amazing in monochrome and motley arrangements.
  3. Compositions of peonies and orchids, hydrangeas, eustomas, and any other flowers chosen by you in hat boxes. They look effective and solemn.
  4. Custom floral arrangements. We don’t refuse difficult conceptions and realize all customers’ ideas.

Your order is our top priority!

Do you want to express support to your friends or convey love to your dearest person? We’ll provide you with a sublime peony composition!

  • Our well-trained florists create unique arrangements that surprise the recipients.
  • Our range involves peony floral gifts for different events and peony bridal bouquets of fresh flowers.
  • Do you want to gladden the dearest remotely? We accomplish same-day peony delivery.
  • Do you wish to make a gift incognito? We’ll deliver your bouquet anonymously.
  • We guarantee the freshness of peonies, optimal prices, and florists’ consideration for your order.

We will not leave you without fresh flowers on an important date! Place the order, and we’ll try our best to please your recipient!