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Birthday flowers

Everyone knows that gifting a birthday bouquet is a long-established tradition that allows people to add an elegant touch to their message for someone they care about and express their feelings better. There is an abundance of options when it comes to birthday flower arrangements as well as many ways to get creative with them. It all depends on your relationship with the person you have in mind and, of course, their preferences.

When buying a birthday flower bouquet for a romantic partner, spouse, immediate family member or a close friend, it’s most likely that you already know their favorite type of flowers, what kind of arrangement they would like the most, color schemes they gravitate towards and so on. However, it’s a bit trickier to choose the best option when you want to give a bouquet to a distant relative, your boss, a colleague or an acquaintance unless you know exactly what they like. In this case it’s best to ask advice from someone who knows the person you’re wishing to get birthday flowers for so you could at least narrow down your options. There also are a variety of options a florist from a birthday bouquet delivery service could offer just based on a few general descriptions of the recipient. 

Make a birthday floral bouquet even more special using the language of flowers

In addition to just getting beautiful flowers as a gift, you could also convey a heartfelt message through them. This is where the language of flowers comes into the picture – a great way to show someone precious  how you feel about them.

Roses are most often associated with romantic love, which is why it’s a classic option for people who want to make a significant other happy on their birthday. But, of course, giving rose bouquets isn’t exclusive to people who are in love, especially because it’s also a popular choice for people who have close family members or friends who just like roses the most. This flower type works well no matter the chosen quantity. Whether you want to give a single rose or a huge bouquet of 100 roses. You can make your message even more nuanced if you pay attention to the colors of these flowers: red roses symbolize deep romantic feelings and passion; pink – tenderness, hope and friendship; white – care, respect and purity; yellow and peach – brightness, warmth and joy; blue – mystery, admiration and a desire to show the recipient that you think they’re extraordinary.

Some other popular flower choices for birthday floral arrangements include tulips, they symbolize happiness, softness and unconditional love; orchids — a symbol of perfection, beauty and thoughtfulness; lilies — to show gratitude, innocence and devotion.

After deciding on the flower type or types, it’s time to settle on what the bouquet will look like and its size. It is customary to give bigger bouquets to people you’re the closest to show them how important they are to you. If you’re choosing flowers for a coworker or an acquaintance, a smaller bouquet would be enough to express your appreciation. 

In case you’re too overwhelmed by all the available choices, skilled florists who specialize in birthday flowers delivery and other festive floral arrangements can definitely help you out. Giving a custom bouquet created with your special person and their preferences in mind will make it obvious that you put a lot of time and care into your gift.